31 December 2011

The Meaning Behind "ÉLAN"

Okay so I've changed the name of my blog for two reasons;
1.) I hope to have my own line called Miranda Castel (which was my old blog name) and I can't have my blog and my clothing line be the same name, I mean I can but I simply don't want to and besides, you can't have two domains with the same address but go to different places
2.) I wanted my blog to have its own name, just like every book has a title, I wanted my blog to have its OWN title.
ÉLAN is a french word that means having the feeling of eagerness or liveliness. I relate to this word 100 % because I'm always eager and excited (about fashion of course lol). Élan also means elegant and can be focused on someones distinct STYLE or flair, not only in their wardrobe, but their forte of music and art. Élan may look like a simple noun, but its actually just the opposite, and that is why I believe that its a perfect name for my blog. It describes not only me, but also my blog. How perfect? ;)
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