28 October 2011

Corals and Metallics

I found this amazing coral blazer at my local thrift store and every time I look at it, it just makes me so excited! LOL I know, sounds funny, but if you were me, you'd understand. This blazer fits me perfectly and I didn't even have to alter it! :-O Its rare that I come across a blazer in a thrift store that not only fits me perfectly, but is SO cute like this one! Anyway, the other day I went for a semi-formal look by pairing my thrifted blazer with a Charlotte Russe tank, white Aero skinnies, Guess handbag, and metallic Charlotte Russe booties. Maybe its because I'm a shoe freak, but I really think that the metallic booties really complete the look. There would be a different "attitude" of this outfit if I were to wore a coral, black, or a nude shoe. My jewelry consisted of a spoon, and a teal ring that my aunt Ninfa gave me. a thumb ring that my Momma Lisa gave me and two rings that I've been given to me by friends of mine. Both of my bracelets however, were both bought at a thrift store!!! I'm madly in LOVE with my sea themed charm bracelet! The clerk and I were both trying to figure out what exactly it was because it was too short to be a choker, but too long to be a bracelet; therefore we wrapped it around my wrist twice and figured it could be a big charm bracelet! Also, I chose to wear this bracelet because I really thought the color of my jacket coordinated well with sea theme of the charm.

Would you wear this look?
Please comment and tell me what you think!
Until Next Time,
M. Castel

26 October 2011

Am I the only one who thinks the season Autumn is kind of romantic?!

The last week or so I've really been taking in the fact that Autumn is FINALLY here!!!! I LOVE this time of year; mainly because of the cute scarfs, and chunky sweaters, but also because its such a romantic season in my eyes. I mean think about it; all summer long you've been in hot sticky weather and the last thing you really want to do is cuddle next to someone in a tent, or in a room without air conditioning. But when fall comes around, it really starts to cool off (here in Iowa it does at least :P) and not to mention the beautiful gallery of leaves you have sitting right outside your window, I mean come on LOL. Anyway, yesterday was a pretty nice day with a high around 72. This was most likely going to be the last day that it gets that nice, so I figured I might as well enjoy shorts ONE last time.

I went for a soft romantic feminine look, but I wanted to also create a little edge by pairing this wonderful Susan Graver blouse with my Newport News leather shorts and Charlotte Russe studded heels. My dad hates these shorts, but I absolutely LOVE them! They are my go to shorts whenever I want to put a little edge into a girly look. I accessorized with thrifted jewelry, an Andé clutch, and a Nine West belt. Overall my favorite piece from this outfit would have to be my top because I actually bought it at a thrift store and I loved the buttons and the fabric is SO silky!
Would this look be something you'd wear? Let me know by commenting below!
Until Next Time,
M. Castel

24 October 2011


I'm seriously freaking out!!! Uh Huh Her's new album is finally available to all of us! These very talented ladies are my favorite artists, which is a little different for me considering the fact I rarely have a favorite artist. Well anyway, I loved their first album titled "Common Reaction"; it was so sexy! Therefore I'm DYING to finish thier album called "Nocturnes" which was just recently realased. Although, I doubt it'll take long since these ladies are freaking AMAZING! I seriously love every song they make. If you havent heard of Uh Huh Her before, listen to three of my favorite songs below and tell me what you think ;-)
Don't forget to stop by iTunes and pick up their new cd! :-)
P.S. I have some photos of when I first went and seen them live in Iowa City earlier this year on my Facebook Page! So make sure you check those out as well!
Until Next Time,
M. Castel

12 October 2011

Photos From my Photoshoot with Photographer Andy Seynaeve

I was up at four in the morning to get ready for this shoot, then began shooting around six; so early but it as worth it because I'm seriously in love with ALL of the photos. I was nervous going into the shoot because I've never shot with another male before; but it ended up being soo much fun! A lot of the photos have an abercrombie and fitch feel to them, which I LOVE because I have always wanted to become an A&F model. Anyway, take a look at the photos by clicking on the one above and let me know what you think!
Photographer: Andy Seynaeve
Male Model: Lance Curtis
Until Next Time,
M. Castel


You are reading the first post from my OFFICIAL personal blog! How exciting is this?! Here you'll get the FIRST look at new photos, updates, and all of my fashion secrets! I've been dying for the right time to start a personal blog, and since this year has been such a great one, I figured why wait?! My biggest accomplishment this year was being invited to the three day workshop called HTL and modeling for Ariane Millinary in Los Angeles, California.
I can't wait to start this blogging journey with all of you!
Until next time,
M. Castel