26 October 2011

Am I the only one who thinks the season Autumn is kind of romantic?!

The last week or so I've really been taking in the fact that Autumn is FINALLY here!!!! I LOVE this time of year; mainly because of the cute scarfs, and chunky sweaters, but also because its such a romantic season in my eyes. I mean think about it; all summer long you've been in hot sticky weather and the last thing you really want to do is cuddle next to someone in a tent, or in a room without air conditioning. But when fall comes around, it really starts to cool off (here in Iowa it does at least :P) and not to mention the beautiful gallery of leaves you have sitting right outside your window, I mean come on LOL. Anyway, yesterday was a pretty nice day with a high around 72. This was most likely going to be the last day that it gets that nice, so I figured I might as well enjoy shorts ONE last time.

I went for a soft romantic feminine look, but I wanted to also create a little edge by pairing this wonderful Susan Graver blouse with my Newport News leather shorts and Charlotte Russe studded heels. My dad hates these shorts, but I absolutely LOVE them! They are my go to shorts whenever I want to put a little edge into a girly look. I accessorized with thrifted jewelry, an Andé clutch, and a Nine West belt. Overall my favorite piece from this outfit would have to be my top because I actually bought it at a thrift store and I loved the buttons and the fabric is SO silky!
Would this look be something you'd wear? Let me know by commenting below!
Until Next Time,
M. Castel

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