24 October 2011


I'm seriously freaking out!!! Uh Huh Her's new album is finally available to all of us! These very talented ladies are my favorite artists, which is a little different for me considering the fact I rarely have a favorite artist. Well anyway, I loved their first album titled "Common Reaction"; it was so sexy! Therefore I'm DYING to finish thier album called "Nocturnes" which was just recently realased. Although, I doubt it'll take long since these ladies are freaking AMAZING! I seriously love every song they make. If you havent heard of Uh Huh Her before, listen to three of my favorite songs below and tell me what you think ;-)
Don't forget to stop by iTunes and pick up their new cd! :-)
P.S. I have some photos of when I first went and seen them live in Iowa City earlier this year on my Facebook Page! So make sure you check those out as well!
Until Next Time,
M. Castel

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