06 January 2012

Super Shoots Peoria

Last year I participated in the Super Shoots - Hit The Lodge Event, well now I'm back this year for another SS event, instead this time I'm going to Peoria!!! Super Shoots are basically workshops for models and photographers, these events are an amazing way to network with models, photographers, make up artists and hair dressers, they are also a great way to get TONS of amazing images for your portfolio and meet some really nice people.
I'm SO SO SO SO SO excited to go to Peoria this weekend, everyone is always so nice and you really do end up feeling like a family at the end of the event. I'm not sure if I'll have good internet connection while I'm out there so if I don't post until Sunday night that's why. :(
But since I do have Twitter and Facebook on my cell, I'll make sure to update those as often as possible!
Anyways, if you'd like; check out a few of the photos that were taken at last years HTL event and let me know what you think! :)

Until Next Time,


  1. woww looks like you had lotsa fun there dear,great shots :D

  2. Wow, gorgeous photos!

    PS: nice blog!

    X ine


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