16 January 2012


So I've officially started planning my trip to Europe next summer, I know I know its a tad bit early to be actually planning my trip since I can't book anything a year and a half in advance, but what I really mean is that I've started to save up. I'm going to be traveling all throughout Europe; I have a few cities that I know I'm going to see, but since I've never been overseas before, I wanted to ask all of my European followers, or followers who have been to Europe before, what some MUST SEE places are. (including cities, restaurants, shops, attractions, ANYTHING!! 
Can't wait to hear from you all!


  1. I life in Switzerland, so if you'd like to go here I could help you...But I think London is a must see! :)

  2. There are loads of nice places to see... France, Italy, Amsterdam, Netherlands / Hollands, Spain, Greece and of course the UK to name a few (errr many) :)I'm excited for your trip...

  3. Hi I just discovered your blog and I think it's amazing!
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  4. Shopping in Europe can be a tad expensivo if you know what I mean, but I would definetly hit up London ( I studied and worked there for about half a year) the shopping and trendspotting is great. Great markets for all kinds of finds, hello Portobello Road, and it's not as pricey as say Italia.... although I'd go there as well. I'd say Venice or Florence for shoppping and Rome is just a great city with so much history/ruins. Excited for you and just a bit jealous!!

  5. go to newcastle, i have friends there and the people there are a great time hahahaha

  6. You should come to Portugal definitely! :)

  7. Your trip sounds fabulous! I live in Europe so I would say London, Edinburugh, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen ... so many cities <3

  8. congrats on saving up fr your trip! ive been overseas twice it truly is a wonderful experience i hope u can stay for a week or more! im following!

  9. Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!


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  10. wow thank you all so much for responding to this post!
    you've all given me some great ideas<3

  11. Definitely Belgium! :) what's good about it: Bruges, Bruxelles, Belgian chocolate, Belgian fries, .. many more!

    But also France, I love Paris so that's also a musthave on your list :)

    X Ine

  12. London is amazing, though I live there so I'm biased. Obv Paris, plus Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Bergen, Venice, Barcelona and Edinburgh are all beautiful and a lot of fun! x


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